Bromo Trip with Mee Fong and Friends



  1. Dear Arie
    It was so glad to have you as our tour guide so we can truly enjoyed the real Mt Bromo in Indonesia.

    If anyone wish to go to Surabaya especially Mt Bromo, contact with Arie,
    He is the best guide in indonesia with impressive hospitality, excellent ground arrangement , good manner , kindness and humor. With his accompany thoughout the trip will not only make us smile but make us crazy too(photo tell story). We miss our full laughter day at Mr Bromo.

    Find him and you will not regret.

    • Dear Fion,
      It was our honor for us to have your trust on serving your trip.
      I am also longing to all of your non-stop laugh and chat, as I know that your battery always fully charged 😀
      Can’t wait to see you and all the gals visit us back someday.
      Until the next journey and Smile always with us 🙂

  2. I remember the day we arrived Surabaya is very early in the morning around 6am. we all are very tired and gloomy due to the unpleasant overnight train ride from Yogjakarta. we hurry to get down from the train for toilet emergency haha. As we looking around over the crowd, we saw our tour guide Arie already standby there welcome us with a big smile. He reach out for us and give a firm handshake. On spot our gloominess are left behind with the train and we jolly get start our journey (for sure after a trip to toilet XD)

    Arie is a splendid guide. we have no worries with our ground arrangement. we truly enjoy the breathtaking view of Mt Bromo.

    • Dear Chloe,
      I am so glad that you enjoyed the trip. Actually I was planning to show other breath-taking places to you and the other, but when I saw that all tired after the train trip so I just inform it. I do hope that some day in the next chances I could show you more beautiful places. Keep in touch and always travel yaaa…. 🙂

  3. We are lucky to have your as our tour guide.
    Nice plan, you are full of passion, friendly & funny…lolz
    Appreciate your lead. Thank you !

    • Hi Rukawa,
      I am also lucky to be your guide to all of you,
      Can not forget how funny your pose when you pointed Sandra shoes 😀 😀 😀
      Once again, thank you so much for letting us serve your trip. Xie Xie

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