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Local generosity

I approached Arie upon a tricky situation in which i was stranded in Surabaya airport but wasn’t allowed to stay the night due to the airport’s policy. He gracefully offered to put me up for the night and dropped me off at the airport the next day. Not only was this a massive act of generosity he explained to me his local culture and gave me an incite to some of the tours he runs to Mount Bromo for example , which I had already done but with a different travel company … which is regrettable to say because the detail Arie explained to me about his personal tours sounded a much more thorough experience than the one I received booking in Jogjakarta. Although my story is not one experiencing Arie as a tour guide my short experience with him as a person, I could happily reccommend he would make a good tour guide and his office was located to the right of the exit if you fly into Surabaya airport



Much more than a guide, a true friend!

I was an honor being able to count with Mr Wibowo’s guidance, friendship and assistance during our production to East Java. His sensibility and knowledge makes it all a wonderful experience!



a trustworthy guide

We love Arie and Andre very much! Before we started our trip to Surabaya, we were looking for a guide and a car rental for Mt. Bromo. From one of traveling blogs, I knew Arie, a highly recommended by the blogger. So, I wrote to Arie. Via email, Arie showed his warm hospitality and never hesitated to answer any questions. Even I could not get any response from the hotel which I booked on my own for an airport pick up service, Arie helped me reach the hotel. So I have confidence in his profession and enthusiasm in his job. After we arrived in the airport at night, I was a little bit worried because I didn’t see the hotel representative who was supposed to wait there for us. However, I heard someone call my name. That was Arie, who eased my anxiety right away and gave us a warm welcome which should not be his responsibility but the hotel’s. After a short rest in his office in the airport, he briefed on the trip to Mt. Bromo and managed to contact the hotel once again for us. I am really appreciated of his assistance and sincerity. The next morning, he and his partner, Andre were waiting in the hotel lobby for us punctually with a big smile! Since I failed to get the train tickets on the web, I asked Arie to drive us to the train station first before we set out for Mt. Bromo. Arie and Andre not only drove us there but assisted us to purchase the tickets. As sson as they knew my kids were interested in submarine, they stopped by the submarine museum for us, which was not included in our agreed deal in the mail and in the end of the trip, they didn’t charge for the extra city trip from me, which was really sweet of them. In the two days up and down Mt. Bromo, they were not our dirver, not our guide, but my kids’ friend. In addition to providing professional introdution, they took good care of us, especially my kids. They played chess with my kids. They conversed with my kids even though my kids barely speak English. They cared my kids’ safety. In the sunrise trip, it was freezing cold up there. However, one of my kids refused to put on his coat, which made me and my husband irritated and worreid about him. However, Arie and Andre said no word but gave my kid a hug and wrapped him in their heavy blanket, which just peaced a possible dispute and warmed my kid up and our hearts as well. All the way up and down the mountain, they considerately stopped for anything we were interested in and were always patient with us, never rushed us to do anything. And they never drove us to any stores for shopping and the restaurant they took us to was never a restaurant for tourists but for locals, which is inexpensive and authentic. After the trip, we got email attached with the photos they took for us from them when we arrived in Taiwan. The beautiful memory with them just flew in my mind once again. To sum up, we enjoy Arie’s company and his service. We can see Arie do his utmost to make our visit confortable, beautiful and unforgettable. We really like Arie and Andre! If we have a chance to return back, we will definitely ask for Arie’s assistance again.”



The best guide of my life


Apart from the Bromo and his good reputation advanterous touring services in Indonesia, Aree is also very professional on the city tour (Surabaya) as well, me and my team went there 7 days, and Aree introduced us to the very best services that we will never find anywhere else in the world. Why? the easy reason is that he make us feel really comfortable like he is one of our friend and also he is very kind and very funny. With these reasons, Aree make our group really want to go back to Indonesia again and again



Good Tourist Guide

Nice tourist guide to visit Mount. Bromo and good english for communication. We love him



Awesome guide

Warm and professional guide.


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